Big news update no. 6

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Big news update no. 6

Big news update no. 6

So, sorry for the little delay, but there were a few things that we did not want to deprive you, such as the ammo items. In addition, a few works were not quite ready so we could not present screenshots of them. But now we have gathered some nice motives for you again, in the hope that you have not completely given up the belief in our project yet. It is just not always everything progressing as you would like it and therefore again at this point we ask for help. We are still looking for another coder who could take over the HUD and the menu, just like someone for all the weapon and game effects. Even a model animator has unfortunately not yet contacted us. 🙁 So, if someone could offer us his help, we would really be more than happy. 😉

Ok, now back to the PadMod news update no. 6 😉

FatPad-Skin by Gogitason

As soon as Gogitason joined the team, he immediately presented the first results for the FatPad skin, which you can now see on the screenshots in the completed version. Gogitason has created us these beautiful render images with FatPad and in this regard he wants to help us in the same way with the other models. So there will be a few nice render pictures of PadLilly shortly, to which the good milla could finally finish the skin. Incidentally, Gogitason has already started working on the FunnyPad skin and hopefully will be able to surprise us with the first results shortly. 😉


Cyben, new member, new map

The PadMod team has been reinforced and this time by Cyben, who joined the team as a mapper. Within a short time, Cyben introduced us to the first beta of his bathroom map, which he briefly called CybBath. Cyben really surprised us with this map. Not only because he was damn fast, but because the map is also really cool and already makes a lot of fun. 😉 You can find more screenshots of the CybBath at the map pictures section. @Cyben: Welcome to the team!

More map updates

The other mappers are currently quite busy, well, many of them. 😀 So the details are worked out a bit, new textures are used and the maps are adapted to the current code. Below are two recent screenshots from PadKitchen and GlowStars anteroom. On these screenshots you can see a few smaller side rooms as well as areas from the spray rooms.


Ammo items

Really, ammo items? That is what attentive visitors will ask. Were not they talking about a LoadingStation all the time? Yeah, that is it, but as we fear that the gameplay would suffer, we decided to use ammo items and to create the charging stations for health only. That sparked heated discussions in the member forum, as we just could not agree on how the ammo items should look like. There were ideas for shampoo bottles, candies, glass cubes with paint balls, plastic tanks and so on. SLoB then came up with the idea of the water bottles, which one knows from the American films and created at the same time a few models. Basically, we find this item version also pretty cool, but we are all not really sure if it fits the mod!? Well, but maybe you have some good ideas for us. 😉


New map objects

Should the mod get finished someday or should we release all our stuff at some point, we would be the best place to go for Lilliput mappers. 😀 Now, for our mappers, there are already quite a lot new map objects that were created by … *surprise* … SLoB. 😉 Whether plates, kitchen utensils or paint cans, these are all things that make our work easier and allow us to make the maps more appealing.


ACTiON – first ingame scenes!!!

Curtain up for the first ingame scenes, where all bots are involved. 😉 One thing in advance, we are still far from the goal, even if it looks different. There is still so much to do, that I do not know where to start enumerating. There is no menu or HUD, no new sound files, no new weapon effects, just a few skins, no real animations etc. There is still a lot of work left to do, unfortunately. 🙁 But you can see on the screenshots what we have reached so far. We can collect the paint cartridges and spray our logos, there are first team skins on some models, and it all makes, if I may say so, a pretty good impression and a lot of fun. :mrgreen:


Well, that was it once again. 😉 With a little luck, we will soon be able to start the first alpha (hm, or even beta) tests. Just keep your fingers crossed for us. 😉

Greetings, your PadMod team!