Boom, Boom, shake the room

iMPERiUS weapon effect

Today, Herby surprised us with the latest weapon effects and two of them we would like to present to you. On the one hand there is the PUMPER, which represents here some kind of a shotgun. Except that our PUMPER shoots something like lightnings. The effect is similar to a shotgun, because the spreading lightnings at the impact spot represents the scattering effect of this weapon. 😉 The second weapon is our iMPERiUS, this is almost the PadMod own BFG, so the strongest weapon in the range. Since our iMPERiUS impacts really fat, we thought, we make the shooting with her a bit more complicated. That is why there is a charge phase, you have to hold the trigger down for a while to fire a shot and there is an ammo limit of five shots maximum. 🙂


We are more than happy with the latest effects in the team, especially now that almost all weapons have been completed and it is only about the fine tuning. Of course we hope you enjoy these nice effects as much as we do. 😉