Community advent calendar – door 10

During the beta tests for WoP 1.5, events for the older version are left in the background, but here comes a new announcement that concerns both the serious WoP players and the casual players. On the 11th of December, a mass fragging event, yes, another PadDay, is planned. Meet at the server called [CFS]Launchpad around 8.00 pm CET and shoot at each other with your coloured bullets. 🙂

Because the beta tests for version 1.5 are being held during Sunday evening, we have to move the PadDay to Saturday evening at 8.00 pm UTC+1. If you don’t come, it is your loss, because past experience shows that it is one of the most fun times you can enjoy on the WoP server. 🙂

Alright, be there!

Saturday, 11 December
8:00 pm CET [CFS]Launchpad
(7.00 pm GMT; 1.00 pm CST)