Current situation

You all want to know what’s going on, so here is a short report on the current situation. Actually, we planned to have a big news update, which should include all the cool new stuff that raute and Herby created in the last weeks. But the new code version is delayed and we all have to wait until raute is ready.

Nevertheless, there is progress, well, but slow. raute was able to finish the most mod releated code (such as the new game tape) and Herby presented some nice weapon effects (take a look in the board!). The maps PadKitchen, PadGarden and PadAttic are done. The only thing that needs to be done is to fit them to the new code, once it is released. The sound files for the weapons, items and powerups are also done to 80%. The skins for the weapons and players are done too, but we are working on some alternative skins at the moment. Gogitason, who skinned the FatPad, wants to finish FunnyPad and he also wants to start with a new model! He will do the PiratPad. 🙂

There are some bad news as well. The work on the menu has slowed down and we do not know when QuaterPounder has time to finish it. Our animator has not time for us any more and he will not finish the hands for us. That is really bad and we are sad about it, but we try to find another animator soon.

That’s all for now. 😎
Greeting, the PadMod team

(Translation by Harmonieman)