First BB-PadDay Roundup

Big Ballon Action

Yesterday was our first Big Balloon PadDay. Unfortunately I was not able to join (some kind of connection problems) and only about eight players at a time were on the server. But judging from the postings on the German part of the website, it was still a lot of fun.

Because this was the first time BB was played with so many players, some issues with this game type emerged. It seems that on some maps the balloons are not perfectly located. Currently the WoP team is thinking about redesigning some of the maps.

If the other team destroys one of your team’s balloons, a voice will tell you that a balloon was destroyed. Because this voice can get on your nerves very easily, it may be replaced by a more decent sound effect in a future version of the mod. If you have any input please let the team know ❗


(Posting by Aquarius)