Goodbye Jube

The name Jube is well know to some of the WoP and Quake players here, because since 7 years now Jube has written news on Planet Quake every day. Same long time that she’s been writing news for Planet Quake, she’s been reporting about World of Padman there. Often we were very astonished how fast she was posting news about WoP, when we had something new to report. Sometimes it seems that news items we released on our site got released on Planet Quake at the same time, some sort of telepathy … freaky heh?

Now Jube is leaving to take care of some new tasks, so she won’t be posting any daily news on Planet Quake and also not about our small World of Padman. Even though we never became acquainted with Jube, she already got a place in our PadWorld. That’s why we want to take the time here to say thank you for all the news, lovely words and your support you gave us. Thank you Jube, we wish you all the best in your future endeavours!

The WoP-Team