HUD in action!

Default HUD in black

You want some more pictures and more information? Here they are. :mrgreen: On the three first pictures you can have a look at the new HUD in action. As we mentioned some time ago, you will be able to select the color of your HUD on your own. At the moment there are the colors red, blue, green, and black available. The black one is default.

Even more you can find on the pictures: some new medals and the Bubble G., NiPPER, iMPERiUS and spray pistol from the HUD perspective. The positions of the weapons may change a bit because some of the forum members meant, that the weapons take too much space on the screen. The only position that are definitely not going to change is the one of spray pistol. In the spray room you cannot fight, so you can have a look on the pistol. 😉

Edit: Screenshots are updated now, because we missed the newest icons on our first screenshots. 😉


(Translation by Harmonieman)