MopAn is in da house!

We are happy to present you our newest team member MopAn. He is a very talented mapper and he already made some impressive maps. His first map ever was a Lilliput one, so the way into the World of Padman was only a matter of time! 😉 He said that ENTEs maps inspired him to do his first map and it’s very funny, that his map inspired ENTE to do PadAttic! :mrgreen:

The last project where he was involved was the “Mars-Project”, but take look at his site and you’ll find all the info you want there. 😉 We all do not know what type of map he will do for us (OK, it’ll ba a Lilliput one, but the setting is secret), but we hope he will present us some nice pics soon.

Be welcome to the team!

(Translation by Harmonieman)