New maps in development

oregano4's FireEngine

There are currently three very promising maps in development and it is time to give you a small sneak peek.

The first map will be created by Kai. He is not only a passionate drummer at the band das -boerge- (they provided the latest WoP music pack), but he is also a mapper. His map will be a Berlin backyard similar to Glowstar’s Backyard.

oregano4 will provide a map with a slightly different setting. It will also feature a yard, but one with a red fire engine. I wonder if we will be able to switch on the sirens? 🙂

The third map will feature a very unique theme. Harmonieman is working on a western movie set.

Please be aware that at this point it is not certain, if this maps will ever see a PadPlayer. So help us to motivate the mappers and send in your (hopefully positive) feedback. 😀


(Translation by Aquarius)