News from the WOL

1v1 LPS cup in April

On March 30th, the 3rd InstaGib 1v1 LPS cup begins. This cup has a special feeling, as it is held in elimination rounds. That is to say, who loses a match is out of the tournament! It will be played in the InstaGib mode, thus only with the SPLASHER. And Beware: one shot of it is already enough to frag you!
The draw size is 32 slots, therefore you ought to hurry up with signing up! How that works, you can learn here (link is broken). Have fun playing!

InstaGib clan cup in March

Furthermore, we would like to inform you about the InstaGib clan cup. This is a monthly event for all WoP clans to compete with each other and have fun! There is a Last Pad Standing and a Team Death Match round, and if the score is even thereafter, Big Balloon decides. This cup took place last weekend, so on March 14th and 15th. It was a hard-fought tournament, but one clan kept their nerve until the end and won deservedly: Hell-Force, shortly HF.

In an enthralling final they defeated SEK with 2:1. LPS went – although SEK led intermittently – to HF. In TDM it was extremely exciting, for SEK won narrowly. Then BB had to bring the decision. Here, SEK kept coming back, but HF remained dominant and won with a sizeable advance! If you want to, you can download the demos of the final here: LPS, TDM, BB (links are broken).

Eventually, we would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Hell-Force once again!