News, nothing more!

Ok, we think its time to give you some more information about what is going on. 🙂 You will get to know something about the release date and the features in the mod. One month ago, we thought that 15th of April would be a good date, and we set a deadline to this date. The only thing we did not think of was, that there are some holidays in April and that some of the members are going to have some nice days in their real life. So we had to cancel our plan with the 15th of April. Sorry for that. But we want to have a release in April! We are trying to get back to buisness very soon and if god is with us, we will have it done at the end of April. We have to have it done by then. 🙂

The mod will contain the game types Spray Your Color and Big Balloon as well. Maybe we will finish Last Pad Standing too. 11 maps and 6 player models, each featuring some nice sets of skins, will get their way into the pack. Single player and bot support for Spray Your Color will not be in the first beta version, but Big Balloon and Last Pad Standing might have well working bot support. You will be able to play Spray Your Color with bots, but they don’t know what to do, so they are only there to get fragged. The player model animations will not be perfect, but you will not notice this ingame so much, because of the action around you. 😉

The mod will have a weight of 300 to 400 MB and should run on older systems with reduced details. Best way to test your system is playing the old PadMap PadShop. If this one is running well on your system, you should have no problems with the mod. :mrgreen:

Now, help us by wishing us the best, we will try to give our best than! 🙂

(Translation by Harmonieman)