Padbabs’ Monkroom map

Monkroom by Padbabs

For a long time, Padbabs has been working on his map. He has amazed us again and again with screens that he showed from time to time and that made the suspense rise more and more. Now finally the beta version of his map is available for download! What has resulted from his long work, is a digital reproduction of his own room, in which you can, like in the PadMaps, romp around, hardly the size of a mouse, and frag each other joyfully.

It can be easily played with two dozen Pads as it offers an unbelievable amount of space. You can choose between fighting next to the huge flat screen TV, on the writing desk, the armchair, in one of the shelves, or even just stay on the floor. Also Padbabs shows great attention to detail. In one corner, there is a guitar in the shape of the WoP logo, on the shelves there are the Christmas Carols by Charles Dickens and a Monk DVD. On the desk is a camera created only of brushwork and most of all the spray room, which is in the interior of a church, is not to be missed.

The map is available for download via