PadLibrary – new map in the works!!!

Yes, we are still alive and we will not give up. 🙂 While raute is working on the next code update and DoomDragon is doing some map objects, we also have a new map in the works. 😎

PadLibrary is an old and nice room that will not be used for reading books, but for fragging some blue people. The map itself is very big and that is why ENTE had to stop adding more details to it, so that you can play with good frame rates. It seems like it performs similar to the diner map. This new Lilliput map will support Spray Your Color and hopefully Big Balloon. But ENTE is not sure, if he can find good positions for the balloons.

At the moment, we do not know if ENTE can finish the map until the next update is going to be released, but let us see how things are going. Now, let us have a look at the first six pictures of PadLibrary. The light is still work in progress!

(Translation by Harmonieman)