PadMod for Gentoo

Good news for Linux users running Gentoo as their distribution: the World of Padman modification is now officially included in Gentoo. Before the Windows users here quit reading this news item: there are some advantages for you too.

The PadMod is now being automatically mirrored by hundreds of servers. Most of the servers are either servers at universities or are directly sponsored by providers. Here you will find a list of servers that mirror the modification as well. The files are always in the “distfiles” subdirectory. Keep in mind that this directory contains several thousand files including those for the PadMod. You should rather access them directly by typing in the file names for the modification, namely “” and “”. The two music packages as well as the maps are not included and must therefore be downloaded separately from this website.

Gentoo users can now conveniently install the World of Padman modification, as long as one has installed the quake3 point release using “emerge” as well, by a simple “emerge quake3-wop” in a shell with root access. Afterwards you start it with the command “quake3-wop”.

Thanks go out to Markus Rothe, who created the ebuild for Gentoo and thus made the inclusion of the Mod into Gentoo possible.