PadPack is going to be fixed!

PadCastle by ENTE

Sorry, but we found some bugs in the PadPack and ENTE is going to fix these and will re-release the pack. The bugs are not fitting textures, a wrong text in PadCrash and a few other things like the columns at the Padman-Statue in PadGallery which harm the game play. As a compensation for the trouble and the re-download of the pack, ENTE descided to work a little more on PadCastle and added two new areas to it. 😎

You will find more about it in this PadMod topic. If you have noticed some other bugs in the package, please give us a shout. Another little surprise comes from our main coder raute, who has finished the new lens flare effect. The new PadCastle will support this cool new feature! 🙂


(Translation by Harmonieman)