PadShop is almost done

PadShop by ENTE

As you can read in the headline, the map is nearly done, only a few details have to be added and a big bug must be fixed.:D That is why I added eight new screenshots to the maps section giving you a good overview of this “new” map. There will be no visual changes any more (hm, ok, a HL2 cover would be nice. 😀 ) and I’m only doing some more little details. Ohh the levelshot is also in the works. 😉

As some of you may know, the PadShop was created for the American PC Gamer magazine a few years ago and it will always be a PC Gamer map. This means that it will not be included into an official WoP update. It will be available only as a single download. After the release of this map I want to finish mapping. I think that five years of mapping for Quake 3 Arena are enough and I promised my family to have more time for them in the future. 😉

Hm, OK, if Q3A is really going to be open source and we get the possibility to have a stand alone version of the World of Padman, I might be back with another exclusive WoP map, but this is only a small backdoor for me to get back. :mrgreen: At the moment I am really tired and I want t o get a bit away from all the things.

If everything goes right, the PadShop should be available within the next two or three weeks. More screenshots can be found by clicking Pictures/Maps!!!


(Translation by Harmonieman)