PC Gamer PadShop soon for WoP?!?

PadShop by ENTE

Some of you may remember the good old PadShop, which ENTE created for the American PC Gamer magazine a few years ago. Being asked for a World of Padman version of this map a lot of times, he decided to take some time and give this map a fresh look and new features. 😉

Usually he only wanted to see how much time it would take to get this map ready for the mod. Sadly, he saw that this map is not as good as the rest of the WoP maps, because of a lack of details. So he has to add a lot of things to this map and he will do his best. 😀

Down here you can see the first screenshots of the new version. You can see some changes compared to the old one. Ohh, by the way: the game boxes will change at the end of development and will be exchanged with some current games. 🙂


(Translation by Harmonieman)