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Some of you from the German community will surely remember quake.de. Since 1996 there have been regular postings about the world of Quake and Doom and related maps, mods, models, tools, the community and much more. Admin was Cleaner Wolf and a lot of news posters provided the site with news and larger articles daily over the years. Quake.de thus became a very valuable contact point for the German id scene. In autumn 2014 the site and the forum went offline and the domain is now running into nowhere.

In the last years of quake.de mainly Badb0y provided the site with news. Already since the beginning of 2015 he has been running quakehaus.com, an unofficial successor, on which he, in addition to old site content, has also started to bring selected articles from the news archive of quake.de back online, a best-of so to say. Among them is an article by marco about the announcement of World of Padman on January 1st, 2002. Furthermore he made the news picture archive of quake.de available for download. There are about 50 pictures from the World of Padman news of the years 2003 and 2004. The great thing is that about 20 pictures of it were still missing on our site and we couldn’t find them yet. Now they decorate again a part of the WoP news that we restored via the web archive. We have compiled the pictures for you again in the following gallery.

We thank Badb0y for his intensive work for the community and wish quakehaus.com all the best for the future. Maybe we will find some more articles about World of Padman in the quake.de news archive in the future. We would be very happy.