Some more menu stuff is done

WoP player menu

OK, it is time for some news I think. The holidays are over and we have a lot stuff done.

Raute was able to finish some menu stuff, the player menu is now done as you can see on the picture. 😉 It is really easy to navigate there: at the top you can select the player and on the right side you will see all available skins to select. But that is not enough, you also can select your favourite spray logo and its color! All in one screen! The player model that is shown in the middle of the screen can be rotated by click on it and moving the mouse. In this way you are able to have a closer look at all the fine models.

At the moment only half of the menu stuff is done, so there is much more work to be done. Besides of this, we got a really cool new internal version done! We are all testing it at the moment and it is really fun to play, so watch out for more footage to come. 😉


(Translation by Harmonieman)