The cancelled single player mode

As many of you know, we originally planned a single player mode for World of Padman, but unfortunately for a lack of strength and motivation that mode won’t be finished. The single player concept just kept growing in size and at the end it was just too complex to implement. We would like to take this opportunity to tell you a little about what we had planned and show you some of the work we already had put into it.

The story is quickly told. Padman comes home from his “super hero” work and discovers that PadGirl has been kidnapped by the mad scientist Dr. Pad. Dr. Pad has taken PadGirl through some teleportation device to an unknown location and Padman tries to track him down. Unfortunately Padman doesn’t end up at the right location immediately and has to fight his way through various levels until he can rescue PadGril from the clutches of Dr. Pad.

That’s the short version of the story. For the single player we didn’t only plan new maps, but also new game types and new enemies (some of which had been implemented already too). We’d like to give you a nice insight to the start of the single player story with the following video. Please remember that what is shown here was far away from being finished. 😉

It’s obviously very unfortunate that all the work we had already done has to be thrown away know, but sometimes that’s how it turns out. We’re really sorry.