Watergun Assassination Tournament

Here is something “funny” of the other kind or maybe not?!? The note comes from this Slashdot article.

In London you currently can participate in the StreetWars Watergun Assassination Tournament. The goal is to find alone or in a team a predefined target person and to shoot it down with the help of water pistols, water balloons or super soakers. So there are real PadWeapons in action, so to speak. 😮

The whole action in London could possibly backfire according to PoliceOne.com, because:

“Players of Street Wars: London – a role-playing game with up to 150 men and women acting as water snipers for three weeks – could face punishment for acting suspiciously or inciting panic in Underground stations, which last year were the targeted by suicide bombers.”

Take a look at the video.