What a battle

Last Sunday, we celebrated the second PadDay and the whole thing was very colorful and bloodless. 😀 ENTE himself was playing for more than 3 hours. He only wanted to stay a few minutes, but than the old PadFeeling catched him and he tried to dominate the other players. This was not that easy, because the server was not the best one and the 11 players that were online had some small lags.

Playing SyC FFA seemd to be a good idea, because after changing the game type a lot of players left, so they decided to change back to SyC FFA and most of the leavers came back. Because of this successful event, the organisers are going to have the next PadDay this Sunday! :mrgreen:

More information on this is coming soon. I hope to see you. 🙂 Some screenshots of the last PadDay can be found in the PadMod forum.

(Translation by Harmonieman)