WoP Christmas video contest 2008

Hi folks, a long time ago the team introduced me to you as a news poster (or: writing watchdog of the developers work). Today I want to start a video contest, in which we not only want to have fun, we want to find out how funny, exciting, action packed or simply crazy the game World of Padman and its players can be. I wish you a lot of fun while creating your video and later viewing all the videos. If you have any questions, please contact the judges, or me directly. Here are the rules:

Length: 01.11 – 12.12 (12:59:59)


  1. Gameplay: In game material with or without music, extra sounds, written or spoken comments. You can work alone or with an other person.
  2. Non-gameplay: All possible content in a context with WoP (NO in game material is allowed here). The size of the teams is not limited, only by your imagination.


Uploaded on 1. YouTube, MyVideo and/or Clipfish and 2. Filefront, file-upload.net, uploaded.to … “For more information visit worldofpadman.com” has to be a part of the video (text, picture and/or as a sound). Post the link(s) into the thread.

Running time of the video: 2 – 10 minutes

Scoring Points: (each 1-5 points)

  1. Excitement / action/ humor – how crazy, exciting, funny and/or how much action is in your video?
  2. Music – how good is your music choice? (also no music could (!) be good)
  3. Quality of your video (version from upload to (filefront, …))
  4. Cinematography (camera work) and presentation of the video (layout, make-up)

Judges: Horny, Leo2701, vIiRuS, Haferschleim and Pixelmännchen