WoP in the Rheinische Post

Rheinische Post (DE) | 08/09/2007

A few days ago ENTE conducted an interview with Carola Siedentop, a reporter who was on the lookout for interesting articles for the big daily newspaper Rheinische Post. In a very pleasant interview, which took almost two hours, she did not just ask a few questions about World of Padman, but even played a round of WoP with ENTE.

Carola was quite taken with our game, and aptly called it “a complex and highly action-packed multicoloured miniature world.” In the article ENTE, once loath to even getting involved with computers or console games, says, among other things, that although we could expect the final version of Padman in April 2008, WoP still has a lot of potential. We would not want to keep this truly nice article from you, which was published last Saturday.

Courtesy of the editors of Rheinische Post.