WoP on the PC Zone Cover DVD

As the UK edition of the PC Gamer magazine presented WoP on their cover DVD some time ago, now did the British PC Zone magazine. 🙂

On the cover DVD of the issue 152 you can find in addition to the mod also the WoP update01. Unfortunately, there was no nice article about the mod in PC Zone, as it was the case in PC Gamer. 😥 Nevertheless, we are of course very pleased about the attention which is spend to our little mod and therefore, of course, a big thank you goes to PC Zone. 😉

Oh, where I just see the game “Star Wars – Republic Commando” on the cover. This is a really cool fun shooter, have not had so much fun for a long time. Brilliant mood and a really good German dubbing. Have a look at it, who has the opportunity to do so (e.g. video library). 😀