Box art parodies

A couple of weeks ago we presented some very first screen shots of ENTE’s PadShop map. This map was made originally for PC Gamer back in the Quake 3 Arena days and found it’s way to World of Padman when it was still a mod. After announcing it for the upcoming WoP 1.5 release we […]

MB21 2010 ComicShots #2 News

WoP ComicShots workshop in Dresden

World of Padman got some multimedia attention last weekend at the 12th annual German media awards MB21 – Mediale Bildwelten in Dresden. MB21 is the most important multimedia competition for children and young people up to the age of 21 in Germany. The event was organised by the Multimedienkulturzentrum Dresden e.V. and big and small […]

Indie of the Year 2010 News

Indie of the Year 2010 awards have already started!

IndieDB launched the Indie of the Year Awards for 2010 a few days ago. A total of 15 days will be run the first phase of the voting, the so-called Players Choice, to decide which indie game will make it into the top 50. This year, the annual MotY Awards were split, in mods on […]

Desura digital distribution system News

WoP 1.2 released on Desura

World of Padman 1.2 was released on Desura a couple of days ago. Desura is a new digital distribution system like Valve’s well-known Steam platform or the CrosuS Mod Manager made by Isotx, where WoP 1.2 is available also. The advantage of Desura is that free indie games and mods are able to release there […]

WoP 1.5 beta tests News

Beta testers wanted!

It is time to start beta testing the upcoming version 1.5 of the World of Padman stand alone game. We know that development is not yet finished, and there is still work to be done during the next few weeks, but one day we will have to start testing our baby. Now it is up […]

PadShop is back! News

PadShop is back!

Many of you remember the good old PadShop for Quake 3 Arena and from the good old mod days of World of Padman. Unfortunately the map didn’t make it into the standalone game, although ENTE always wanted to include it. Its many gimmicks and details made it a very popular map back in the day, […]

ADS clan war

The ADS clan has organized a clan war! They will fight the CL-clan next Sunday, 10/17/2010 at 8pm (EST). But if you are neither a member of the ADS clan, nor of the CL clan, you should not be deterred. Due to lack of members, the following resolution was chosen: the ones who want to […]

Comeback after two years

After two whole years Schneeball surprised us with a brand new edition of his Hundeplatz map. He reduced the map to a half of the original size and improved it with several map objects. Screenshots and more can be found here (link is broken). Criticism and suggestions to the map are of course welcome to […]

New player model PadCho News

Hasta la vista, baby…

May we introduce to you: PadCho, our friend from the wild west. As promised, there will be a couple of new player models shipping with the upcoming WoP 1.5 patch. This tough guy here is one of them. He was sketched by ENTE, modelled as well as textured by Gogitason and finally brought to life […]