1on1 InstaGib cup in January

On the third of January the year 2009 starts the second 1on1 InstaGib cup. Everyone who is interested in participating in the cup is free to join. But be quick, the maximum participants is set to only 32 people.

“And what do you have to do if you want to take part?” Well, you have to sign in, and you do that by joining the user group “InstaGib 1on1 cup” in the WOL forum.

“And how does it all work?” – OK the cup is played in the InstaGib modus what means, that everyone plays with one and the same weapon namely the SPLASHER. But be careful: one hit is already enough to frag you.

You’ll find all other necessary information in this topic (link is broken). We wish all participants lots of luck and to have a nice time at these event.