PadPunk enters the stage


The World of Padman is different: funny, colourful and … hey, well just different! That is exactly what the newest resident of our colourful PadWorld also wants to be. He wants to stand out from the crowd. Guess who fits the part, it is the rebel PadPunk. But even if he tries to be different, he cannot deny his roots, just look at the Pad-blue or the long nose, he is a Pad for sure!

This time our talented all-rounder paulR is responsible for the model and he also made some impressive animations. To avoid our little Punker having to run around naked and catching a cold because of low temperatures and miserable weather, ENTE drew him some clothes. In addition to the default and team skins, he also created an alternative model skin with some green hair colour. Now PadPunk is getting alternative for real. Harmonieman (who could do better?) lent him his voice and taught him to speak. Now PadPunk should be perfectly happy because you will be able to enjoy this new insurgent character in WoP 2.0. On this note: “Punk’s not dead!”