1on1 mapping contest

At the moment there are a lot of mappers in the WoP forum, especially new ones. This is why there will be a mapping contest. The aim of the contest is to create a map which can be played in a 1 on 1 tournament. The contributions should be visually attractive, with good playability. Details make your map more vivid and you should also included some good ambush positions.

It doesn’t matter if the map is a space map like PadCrash or an oversized map like PadLibrary as long as the map is not too big so that it takes too long to find the opponent. Powerups like Revival, PadPower oder Floater are forbidden, as with the iMPERiUS, which doesn’t make sense in a 1 on 1.

The winning map will be played in the final of a forthcoming 1 on 1 cup. This cup will be played in normal mode. We will wait 3 days, and if there are not at least 5 registrations yet, the cup will be restarted a few days later. Register today for the mapping contest by sending a private message to Pixelmännchen in the WoP forum. The contest will end in 2 weeks at 4pm GMT-5 (10pm GMT+1).

So, get on the Radiant and have fun! 🙂