3aTme’s Deadsimple

3aTme's Deadsimple

If it is getting darker in the PadWorld, then it is probably just because of 3aTme’s new map Deadsimple. The map shows you that WoP is not only for colourful and bright maps. With just enough lighting and high quality textures, the map can still look good. It is not made for around 16 players, but this should not affect the gameplay. The players have enough weapons to choose from and for the people who need health, can recharge in the middle of the symmetrical map. Fortunately, the map has enough signs, so you should not miss any secrets. For those of you who think the map is too dark, you should tweak your brightness configuration, so you won’t be afraid if MonsterPad jumps out at you. 😀

So, get it at ModDB.com!