5 questions to a PadMember – Kai-Li

Reporter: Tell us something about yourself.
Kai-Li: I was born in Berlin and I have spent almost my whole life there until now. However, at the moment I often commute between Berlin and Stuttgart, because I got a job as an engineer there. I have finally said good-bye to my student life, so to speak. I have been interested in level design for almost 9 years now and I have been working actively for WoP since 2005.

R: How did you come to WoP and since when are you a part of the team?
K: At first, there were the PadMaps and the Padman model and so ENTE and his artwork caught my attention. When the WoP modification was announced, I was already determined to create a map for it. Back in 2004, I experimented a lot with mapping and a year later I could present the TrashMap to the team after several approaches. This actually was my ticket to join the team. I could gain experience before at a Starship Troopers modification for the id-Tech3 engine, though.

R: What is your job in the team?
K: The focus of my tasks actually changed in the past, but basically I am a level designer and work on maps for WoP. Furthermore, I have dealt a lot with the GtkRadiant and created the Mapping Packs for the community mappers. I believe, that I am known for my WoP mapping tutorial, which I am currently reworking and polishing up for WoP 2.0. I also wrote news and took care of some administrative tasks like leading beta tests for WoP 1.2 patch.

R: What are you mostly proud of (at WoP).
K: Basically, there is only one concrete “creation” that you can find in the game itself, the TrashMap. I think with it I was able to create a map with a special atmosphere for the WoP stand alone release in 2007. Of course, I am also happy that the tutorial was received well and that I could help to inspire and excite the community for mapping. We can see the results in the many custom maps coming from the community. They are getting better and better, sometimes even amazing us.

R: What can we await from you in the future (at WoP)?
K: Of course, there will be a reworked version of the TrashMap, which should also improve the performance on older PCs. I am also working on a CTL version, by the way. Besides, there will be a completely new map for the CTL mode from me. In addition, I took over MopAn’s Jail in order to fit in for WoP 2.0 and finally release a BB version of it, as this is missing so far. Eventually, I am going to prepare the mapping files and the tutorial for WoP 2.0. I think my to-do list is full enough with that.