Searching a coder and a status update

PadWorld Entertainment

So, what is happening behind closed doors in the WoP labs and who is still working on it anyway? These questions come up in the community and we do not want to leave them unanswered. Also, there is demand for more news but we do not want to announce any new features yet because some of them may not make it into the game eventually, and teasing you with stuff and then not delivering it in our opinion is worse than no info at all. The main reason for this uncertainty is simple: we lack coding power. Our former lead programmer raute is too busy with his daily job, so he had to stop working on WoP. Thank you raute for all your work, helping to shape the World of Padman. Both the mod and stand alone version of WoP would not have been possible without you. The whole team wishes you the best for your future and in secret we still hope to see one or two more raute features. This is why the code tasks lack behind at the moment, we are simply understaffed in that department. The good news is that cyrri is back in the team to take care of the AI code, and paulR has stepped up to do some minor coding tasks although he is very busy with modelling already. All that means we are still searching for help, so this is a call for you! If you are a good programmer or happen to have one in your pocket or befriend one on Myspace, get in contact with us. Here is what you should have got:

  • some modding experience
  • speak C fluently
  • be able to work with SVN
  • be a team player

That is about coding, but what is the rest of the WoP team doing? Well to be honest, not too much. It is been getting quiet lately for numerous reasons. Besides the code department slowing everything down including our motivation, there are daily jobs, families and these kinds of commitments that eat up most of our time. And finally some of us have been working on the same content for seven years now and would like to do something new instead of fixing and tweaking small details over and over again. In short, we have got a motivation problem. Let us have a look at the bright sides: we have no lack of model and map artists, Harmonieman for example is about to finish his Westernset map and will then move on to give Diner some more polish. Kai-Li took over MopAn’s Jail and will add Big Balloon support to it. Doomdragon is still busy with player models and skins and ENTE, well he has got maps, textures and skins on his plate so he won’t run out of work anytime soon.

WoP 2.0 will come for sure, the question is when. That depends on how fast we will find a programmer to feed some fresh code to our baby and thereby raise our morale.