5 questions to a PadMember – MightyPete

Reporter: Tell us something about yourself.
MightyPete: Me? Well I have been making game parts all the way back to Quake 1, mostly textures and stuff. Over the years I think I have made just about everything now.

R: How did you come to WoP and since when were you a part of the team?
M: ENTE got a hold of me actually, before there even was a WoP. I looked at and liked the game but at that time it was just maps. I made a few things for him. Then again few years later he got a hold of me to make more things for the PadMod.

R: What is your job in the team?
M: Well I make all the environment texture boxes. Anything really anything that needs to be done. Right now though I have been so busy IRL I have not had much time to spend on WoP. Right now mostly I have been just proof reading the English news translations before they get posted.

R: What are you mostly proud of (at WoP).
M: Well the environments, the city ones actually took years and years to make. They are super complex with millions and millions of polygons. So much so you can only look at just one section at a time in the editor. They also take weeks to render when they are done on a custom built computer going flat out 24 hours a day. The night city boxes have thousands and thousands of light sources so rendering that is really time consuming and difficult.

R: What can we await from you in the future (at WoP)?
M: Good question, I have made yet one more album of music and if the software I need to finish it ever gets released I may finally get that done. The software was suppose to be out last September but it has been postponed numerous times.