Advent Calendar 2018: Door #15

ENTE's PadKitchen (Q3A)

It is advent season and every day we open another virtual door for you. Behind the 15th door are again two items waiting for you to be discovered.

First comes ENTE’s PadKitchen, which is his eighth PadMap and was released on October 9th, 2000. It represents a small kitchen with breakfast table, oven, toaster, microwave, cupboards and even a small area in the sewerage. The Map contains some gags and a lot of fresh textures and details. It is ENTE’s third map with a giants theme, which means that your are not bigger then a grasshopper in there. The version in WoP today, is an indispensable part of the standalone game.

Second comes the Paddy Toons Pack #2, which contains four alternative skins for ENTE’s Padman created by PadGirl. With it comes PolicePad, PadTramp, Dr. Pad and SeaPad. Initially it was released on April 16th, 2002.

ENTE's PadKitchen (Q3A)

PadKitchen (Q3A)

PadKitchen is ENTE’s eighth map for Quake 3 Arena and developed like PadGarden into a…

Paddy Toons #2 (Q3A) by PadGirl

Paddy Toons #2 (Q3A)

The Paddy Toons Pack #2 contains four new and alternative skins for ENTE’s Padman made…

More of such PadFiles you will find on our download page for Quake 3 Arena in the upcoming days. There you can find also instructions for installation.