Again in the Top 100 Indie Games

Indie of the Year Awards 2019 Top 100

World of Padman made it again into the Top 100 Indie Games on IndieDB in 2019 and we would like to thank you for that. After our unexpected success in 2018, we are very happy to be there again in 2019, because we last managed to do so in 2011. You can vote for us now, but due to the rules, we cannot achieve anything except a honourable mention.

To change this, we would have to do a major update for World of Padman. It is high time we did, but you cannot shake something like that up your sleeve, especially not after so many years. An important factor is of course the motivation and we get it through our [PAD]Community, which is still loyal to World of Padman and does not let us down. Maybe there will be something next year, when the PadMaps will be 20 years old.

Keep a stiff upper lip! Your WoP team