Big news update no. 1

PadGarden by ENTE

The PadMod team works that fast, that ourselves can believe how many we have done in this short time. But we have to say, that there is much more to do, so do not expect the mod been done in one or two months. But now head over to the results, because that is what you want to see, right?! 🙂

tpe has done PadLilly, she is alive!

Yeah, a first player model is done by tpe. He modelled PadLilly, because he really loves this girl, so he had to do her. 🙂 The model already looks damn good, but it is not done yet. We have to work on the animations and the skin needs some tweaking. tpe would gladly do the animations, but he is not allowed because of his contract conditions. So, we really need somebody who can help us doing some animations! By the way, tpe has done some cool Q3A-models, like the chicken stb or the Tasmanian Tiz. 🙂

Get some weapons!!!

Here the modellers work damn hard, four (!) weapons are in development by three modellers. 🙂 Here I have to mention SLoB, who has done his first weapon model, the BALLOONY. This weapon he has done completely with sounds and effects (it really kicks ass) and he is already working on his next weapon, the PUMPER. As you know, tone is modelling the NiPPER, which was skinned by Redlemons in the meantime. GrimReaper, a Freelancer who would “only” do one weapon for us, is near to finish his BUBBLE G. model. But I hope that he will work for us in the future, too.

New map screenshots!!!

Last but not least some shots of the upcoming maps. PadGarden and PadKitchen were polished up with some good looking new textures, some changes on the gameplay and a few changes on the design. But all these maps are not done by now, there’s much more to do. Brand new in our program we have HarmsHütte and PadBuilding. 😉

Harmonieman, who wanted to help us out being the webmaster, could not be prevented from doing a map. The first screenshots of his Lilliput map you can see here and we will be patient of his new results. In the beginning PadBuilding was only a project of fun, but the first results were not as bad as we thought, so let us have a look how it is going on with this map. 🙂 More pictures of the maps you can find in our pictures section.


That was all for the moment. We hope you enjoy our current results and that you still can wait for mod. We are in the beginning, but the first beta will kick your ass, so stay tuned and check back here. 🙂

Best wishes, the PadMod team

(Translation by Harmonieman)