More help

Wow, I don’t know what to say, because in our team member list you can find the Who is Who of the Q3 scene. So we are proud to welcome two excellent skin artists. On the one hand, there is milla. She is the creator of the Bad Betty skin and some of you might know her because of her good Pelvis skin. On the other hand BoBo_the_seal has joined the team. He is known because of the engineer model including damn good skin for the Q3F mod. That is not all. We also have a new coder QuaterPounder. He is a talented coder, but new to the Q3 modding scene.

It is really impressive, how many good artists are in our team now. Because of this, many of us are in panic and are not sure, if they are good enough for the mod, but we all together will do it well, I hope! 🙂

A heartily welcome to our new members!!!

(Translation by Harmonieman)