Big news update no. 3

MonsterPad by tpe
Big news update no. 3

Big news update no. 3

So, now it is time again for a new news update. After all, there is also a lot to report. 🙂 But first I have to emphasize again, because it is asked again and again, when the first beta will be done? It will take a damn long time, unfortunately! The whole screenshots seem to convey a little bit that the PadMod is about to be completed. But what we cobble together right now is nothing compared to what is still waiting for us. We expect a first beta at the earliest in October/November, possibly even later. 🙁

It is important to us that what we will deliver also meets a high quality standard. The expectations are quite high and we would not like to disappoint you. OK, but now let’s switch very fast to the latest information and screenshots. 🙂

MonsterPad smiles!!!

Phew, I do not dare to write, but we already have another player model, and this is MonsterPad. The good tpe could be convinced again and delivered us this damn cool model, to which he created the same skin. The model is really more than successful and slowly the PadMod gets its own style. That is exactly what you expect from a total conversion. 😉 Next, SLoB wants to implement the PadClown, tone the PadTula and BoBo_the_seal wants to bring SpacePad to virtual life. So keep your fingers crossed that it all goes down like that. 🙂



Our weapon smith SLoB is already working on a weapon again and this time it is the SPLASHER. This weapon will then take on the role of a sniper or rail gun. Now we are only in need of two weapon models and a skin artist who also processes all these weapons accordingly.


Items in PadLogo style

Tadaaa, after all the player and weapon models it will be time for the item models and we can present you the full package. 🙂

We thought about it a lot and then came to the decision to make the items uniform, in the style of the PadLogo. In our PadMod we will provide two new items, so there would be on the one hand the jump item, for high jumps and on the other the wall walk item. With the wall walk item, it should then be possible to walk along the walls and the ceiling. This effect is known, e.g. also from the game Alien versus Predator.


All models were implemented by our “workhorse” SLoB (design by ENTE & SLoB 😉 ), which we simply could not stop (so he would rest) to take on this task. 🙂 If you click on the individual pictures, you also have the opportunity to view the items in short AVI movies, which were created by Harmonieman for us. But to watch the movies you need Divx5.0.

New PadMap screenshots!!!

In the map area there is not quite as much to report and to look at, because currently all mappers in the team rather work on the details of their maps. These would not really attract attention on the screenshots and that is why in our third news update “only” new screenshots of PadAttic and GreensShed are present, which are all not so bad. : D

PadAttic by ENTE

As befits an attic, the PadAttic was filled with all sorts of junk. The main room is basically finished, there are only a few textures and details to be worked out. But what is missing completely are the hidden corridors and possible secret rooms, which are already almost mandatory in the PadMaps. 🙂


GreensShed by GreenThumB

Even GreenThumB’s living room fills up slowly with all sorts of stuff and looks really comfortable. 😉 Now it goes to the details, everything is again a little straightened out and partly done with new textures. Everything that you can already see, should please all Liliput players more than delight. 🙂


Weapon skin artist wanted!!!

In addition to all the good news, this time we also have a very sad message to announce, because the good Redlemons left our team for very private reasons and he will withdraw for some time even completely out of the scene. 🙁 We wish you all the best for the future Redlemons on this way and hope that the scene has you back soon!!!

Since Redlemons has left us, we are unfortunately also without a skin artist for our weapons and therefore I would like to take the opportunity and to look for a new, capable helper. We are looking for someone who can give our weapons a matching, colorful plastic look, just like the right water pistols (super soakers). If you are interested, please write an email. We would be very happy. 🙂

Until the next big update, your PadMod team. 🙂