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GlowStar's Anteroom Levelshot

The normal levelshots (screenshots of the maps) look really strange in our multicoloured comic menu, so ENTE decided to draw some nice ones from scratch. This means again some little extra effort, but we think that the new hand drawn pics look much better in the menu and that it all looks more suitable then. The Clou is that we must not live without the normal shots, because we plan to have a new feature in the menu. If you hover about the comic levelshot, you will see a real screenshot of the map! So you still can see how the real map looks like. 😀


Again a new news item after only few days. Let’s see how long we will be able to keep it like this. We want to try to have at least twice the week something to post. So check this site back more often and do not forget to give us comments. Please note, having more little news, we have to skip the big news updates, but we think that this is the better way … or what do you mean?

(Translation by Harmonieman)