First beta tests started

We did it! The first official beta test is currently running since Saturday and the testers are very happy to play the mod. Most of the feedback we receive is positive and we are happy, that no new big bugs were found yet. We hope it will stay like this in the future too. 😉

This first beta test phase will run two weeks and we will play the game type Spray Your Color in FFA and Team mode. Currently the server runs in FFA mode and the fragging and spraying against the rest of the world is very funny. After the two weeks, the team will get back to work to fix all the bugs and tweak the maps, models and maybe sounds. The second test will start as soon as we get this all done.

This first test motivated us and brings us fast forward. It is getting done. 🙂 We hope to present you a small movie very soon, so stay tuned.