Tenken is here!

PiratePad runs!!!

Finally, after years of search and lots of refusals, we found an animator! We received an email from Tenken, the leading animator at the Gundam mod and he wants to help us. After sending some models to him, he could not be stopped and began to put PiratePad ingame. After finishing this model, he will tweak the other models. 😉 Seeing his model in the game, Gogitason said that he will finish FunnyPad as well. :mrgreen: We will see. 😀


A big thanks to Tenken for helping us out. We hope you will stay in the team for a long time. As we are making progress very well, as you can see, we are ready for more beta tests. These tests will start this week and we are trying to have a final version done by the end of march. But we do not really know, if we can hold this date. We will try our best. 😉