First magazine articles spotted!

GameStar (DE) | 06/2007

Shortly after we mentioned that some magazines wanted to write some small articles about World of Padman or to release the game on the cover DVD/CD, we spotted the first two. The first one, the German GameStar writes:

“If you crossed a Smurf with Elton John, probably a little blue gnome with ugly glasses would come out, and if it is hunting his fellows with weapons instead of singing a serenade, call it Padman.”

The team is undecided if that was meant to be good or bad … hehe.

The other magazine to release a few paragraphs about World of Padman is also a German magazine called GEE. It writes:

“Endres remembers: ‘We created that look of the game then thought we would be labeled a game made for children. But we didn’t worry a bit about it.’ The doubts were unfounded. The fun shooter World of Padman got a lot of fans from the Quake community”

Besides those nice articles in GameStar and GEE, we surprisingly found another article somewhere we never thought of, on A name we have never heard to mention WoP before. The online article ends with:

“It’s a lot of fun, and attracts a big and avid community on the internet.”