Freeze Tag and ice cold weapon effects

WoP Freeze Tag in action

Many of you surely remember the game type Freeze Tag from the XMAS mod, which was created for WoP 1.2 by some creative PadMembers. It was a long time ago and unfortunately this very popular mod was no longer compatible since WoP 1.5 and Freeze Tag was therefore no longer playable. That is why during the current development of World of PADMAN we decided to fully integrate Freeze Tag into the game as a new game type. This includes not only the gameplay and bot logic, but also the ice-cold weapon effects that were developed for Betty, Pumper and Bubble G. at the time.


Betty and Bubble G. shot snowballs instead of fireballs and gumballs. Also, you could tell by the skin textures on both of them that the ammo had to be ice cold. The Pumper, on the other hand, shot clinking ice bolts that made the enemies’ blood run cold. Now we didn’t let ourselves down and not only included these weapon effects in the main game, but also thematically adapted those of the Nipper, Boaster and Balloony. Thus, in Freeze Tag, the Boaster now leaves frozen puddles of ice and the Balloony leaves snow marks after the explosion of the balloons. When enemies are frozen and thus immobilized, you can now see that they emit small clouds of breath condensate. This is a feature we picked up from Quake 3 Team Arena, and we’ll be using it also directly in maps outside of Freeze Tag in the future where useful.

You can already test Freeze Tag offline against bots by downloading the current development state from Github. If you have any questions or want to support us as a tester in the development of World of PADMAN, please contact us via Discord. To give you a first impression, 3atme! took the trouble to record our interpretation of Freeze Tag in a video and some screenshots. Just the right thing for the end of winter. Have fun watching.