GlowStar’s ColorStage

GlowStar's ColorStage

A long time ago there was a blue man, called Padman, and he jumped off the PadGarden and found himself in a new red, blue and yellow map, which he never had seen before. Today we want to present to you this new red, blue and yellow coloured world. ColorStage is the name of the new map, which was build by GlowStar, who is already famous for his Backyard, Anteroom and Cabin. The PadCrash is already very well-liked in the community and you had made some similar custom maps, so it was our turn to create a new map for the newest game type CTL (Capture the Lolly). There are already 3 pictures of the new world, in which we will soon see some fights for glory and lollis.


The platform maps and the PadCrash maps, which are also available for TDM (Team Death Match) will be a part of WoP 2.0 and guarantee some change. This was a little update from the back room again, where still diligent men are working on WoP 2.0.