Is it getting closer?

Could it be that we will soon be able to deal with a stand alone version of the PadMod, so to speak, a WoP game? As John Carmack personally announced at this year’s QuakeCon, the Q3 engine is expected to be released as open source within a week.

This would make a big dream come true for us and we could finally bring WoP to a “worthy” completion. No one would need Quake 3 Arena to play World of Padman any more and even in the German magazines could finally easily advertise our little mod and even distribute it on CD/DVD. This would also be our last hope that a few more players could get lost in the World of Padman. 😉

Should it actually happen soon that the Q3 engine is open source, then we will of course report in more detail, how we imagine the thing so and what else needs to be done, to develop WoP from a mod to a “game”. OK, let’s hope for a little bit. 🙂