PadLibrary now officially released!!!

PadLibrary by ENTE

So, after basically no noticeable bugs or problems with the PadLibrary were reported, we have decided to publish the map now officially. 😉

The PadLibrary is a small, cosy book room with lots of details to discover. Rarely have I put so much work into the textures, as with this map. But unfortunately it has its price, because the map is quite performance hungry. So if you already have some problems with the other WoP maps, you should save the download, sorry. But if you can play games like DOOM3, HL2 or even F.E.A.R. without performance problems, you should now have really no issues with the PadLibrary. :mrgreen:

So, quickly click on the download link and then join the server online. You may even meet on Sundays once. 😉

Watch out! Whoever had already downloaded the PadLibrary, e.g. due to the previous news, there is no need to to download the map again, because it is the same file!