Kai-Li and his fridge

In the PadMod forum Kai-Li has posted a first picture of his fridge map, on which he is working for a while now. The picture was created in the editor, so it does not show the scenario as it would appear later in the game, so please do not be surprised. 😉 For his fridge Kai-Li is still looking for a few fruit and vegetable map objects. Should any of you have something available or wants to create something, he certainly would be very happy.

Well, we are a bit sad that there are so few new maps for the PadMod, actually no. *sniff* The WoP Mapping Pack has been downloaded over 200 times. What are you doing with it? We would really like to see more, really cool Lilliput maps for WoP. So, check it out. 🙂

By the way, the PadShop map for WoP will be available for download tomorrow, at the latest on Sunday. 😉