Let’s go shopping – PadShop is ready!

PadShop release

Finally it has arrived to the PadMod, many people out there wanted to see the PadShop in the mod, so here it is. 😉 Being a map, ENTE created exclusively for the American PC Gamer magazine in 2001, we were not allowed to put the map directly into the mod. And that is why, it is now released as a separate download. 😉

For the PadMod the PadShop was redesigned a lot and you will find many new details. But this also means that you need a high end PC to run it in full detail mode. :mrgreen: 😎 Nearly all textures were replaced by new ones, more paths were added, bigger secret rooms and a really interesting spray room. Let yourself be surprised. 😉

I know you don’t want to read, you want to play the map, so here we go:

  • 23 MB WoP-PadShop from eXtreme-players.de

Have fun with the new version of the PC Gamer PadShop!!!