NBC GIGA Games recordings

GIGA Games (DE) | 15/04/2004

Hm, actually we had thought about not making the recordings available, because we were not happy with the presentation. But after many inquiries about the recordings, we thought, what the hell, it can not get any worse. 😀

Our MrFloppi was then so nice and has recorded the stuff and then converted it. As already mentioned, the mod was started incorrectly in the presentation and one played with disabled light maps. That is why you can hear sounds from Quake 3 Arena in the menu and the maps do not look very good either. Especially the PadShip looks bad. Furthermore, the cartridges are displayed without textures and other items appear almost black.

As has already got around, the moderator has not really dealt with the mod. There are hardly any weapons presented and there are only two maps to see, so please do not expect too much. 😉

A big thank you to MrFloppi for his effort!