New heads for the world #2


Today we want to introduce the second skin with a new head model. The PadSoldier seems to you, perhaps, famously, because you could see his outlines already in the InstaGib news. doomdragon has made the 3D model and how ENTE had feared it, he had to skin it. There are two more new skins, we may be curious what still expects us.

The small soldier comes along with a too largely advisable helmet, an emergency ration of chocolate and a lollipop attached to his helmet. He is adapted, like all soldiers, perfectly to the home woods and nearly melts with the nature. Whether he can exist also in the coloured comic world of WoP, we will find out, on his nose he already get the suitable colour swabs. 😉

To bring you the new head models as close as possible we (paulR) decided to create a short rendered video. So today you can take a look on PadSoldier from a short range. The developers hope that you like the new head models and you will welcome them in the comic world of WoP soon.